Coaching is a partnership between coach and client(s) designed to provide objective perspective and help clients identify patterns or habits that might be limiting them.  We are creatures of habit and ALL individuals are subject to patterns in life.  We can't often see these patterns on our own.  Coaches and clients together create awareness of these patterns and clarity on personal challenges and opportunities.  We explore the types of energy being brought to various areas of life and relationships and look on a deep level at the life you've created compared to the life you want to create.  I strongly believe that WE create what's around us and that that creation is lead by the focus and energy that we bring to the people and things around us.  Coaches partner with their clients to empower them, and to clarify and create what they want.  Coaching is transformative and in this sense, very powerful. 


While emotional issues arise in coaching, unlike traditional therapies, less emphasis is placed on the root of these issues, with more emphasis on how to move through them. Traditional therapy focuses more on resolving psychological issues from the past before moving forward, while coaching takes a more results-oriented approach to move you forward through blocks and patterns that you're ready to move forward through.   Both are important to self-development, but coaching is for those ready to work within a more action-oriented process with focus on the future, not the past.  One metaphor I like compares therapy to physical therapy, where healing is emphasized, and coaching to personal training, where strength and growth is emphasized.


Most coaching is done via phone or Skype.  Not only does this allow clients to talk from whatever space they feel most comfortable, but, it allows for an easier, regular coaching relationship since a client can call from work, home, hotel, or a walk, cutting down on travel time.  This also allows clients and coaches to work with anyone from anywhere in the world.

Most sessions last  45 minutes to 1 hour, 3-4 times per month.  Clients typically work with a coach starting from 3-6 months and continue working as preferred, sometimes reducing sessions to 1-2 times monthly, if they wish to continue.  I start every client relationship with a special consultation so we can get to know each other better and hear about your needs, problems and goals, and we can explore what kind of session structure will work best for us to move forward with.